Get medical screening for R295 excluding  vat  this October

Same day Certificate of Fitness
limited to all certificates where an Occupational health Nurse Practitioner is legally allowed to sign off

Workforce Healthcare & Wellness Company

Workforce Healthcare is a specialist health & wellness company whose expertise lies in the management and coordination of healthcare professionals & the development of comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

We offer a wide range of fully integrated employee wellness and assistance programmes
as well as Occupational and Primary healthcare service.

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DNA Wellness

is our Employee Wellness and Assistance Programme.

The programme is designed to accomodate the unique DNA of both employer‘s and emploee‘s wellness requirements.
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Early detection of an employee’s exposure to health hazards and diagnosis of illness, along with the implementation of effective preventative measures, is the key to helping an organisation manage its risk and reduce its manpower costs.

Prevention is better
than cure

We offer a range of primary healthcare services which can be provided at the workplace to reduce unnecessary time off work and loss of earnings that result from employees who travel to off-site primary healthcare facilities for the treatment of minor ailments.

Reduce unnecessary
time off work

Did you know that your drivers must, by law, be on a drug and alcohol programme. Should a truck driver have an accident while under the influence of alcohol, you as the employer, will be held liable.

Fleet owners
take note!
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