DNA Wellness

DNA Wellness is designed to accommodate the unique health and wellness requirements of employees, employers and companies as a whole.

Employee Assistance Programme

Through the provision of our 24 HR call centre and face-to-face counselling services, we offer employees advice on emotional well-being, social welfare, financial, legal and debt counselling issues, to ensure employees receive support before issues escalate.

Employee Wellness Programmes and Wellness Days

Our proactively prevent and treat chronic lifestyle diseases. Services include employee health risk assessments, education programmes and counselling services.


Occupational Healthcare

Measure and manage risk – Ensure compliance – Reduce absenteeism – Improve productivity

We offer employers a comprehensive range of occupational health management services. These services are predominantly catered towards high risk companies such as mines; quarries; parastatals; heavy industries; construction etc.



We have extensive expertise to handle industry specific screening requirements, cost effectively, through the provision of both fixed and mobile medical screening services. Our services aim to detect and control occupational illnesses.

Mobile Medical Screening

We come to you, by bringing a medical unit, to your premises, to conduct occupational health service as and when the need arises. The units are fully equipped with medical apparatus for X-Ray, Audiology, Lung Function and Vision testing as well as emergency equipment.

Fixed Medical Screening Services

We can establish of an on-site clinic for the integration of a number of healthcare services including primary healthcare for on-going delivery of treatment and acute or chronic medication. We currently manage over 50 on-site clinics.

Drivers Screening

Our driver screening is a specialised service tailored specifically for companies with drivers that require Professional Driving Permits (PrDP). We bring the necessary equipment on-site and conduct the screening at your premises.


Primary Healthcare

The provision of primary healthcare at the workplace helps to reduce unnecessary time off work and loss of earnings that result from employees who travel to off-site primary healthcare facilities for the treatment of minor ailments.


Substance Abuse Training and Testing

Confidentiality plays a key role in the substance abuse rehabilitation process which covers a wide range of treatment options depending on the nature and severity of the addictions. We aim to guide employees towards living a healthier, drug free lifestyle!


Absenteeism Management

We help companies monitor absenteeism trends so interventions can be implemented where necessary. Savings from implementing this programme are significant not only in Rand value but also in improving productivity


HIV/AIDS Testing and Training & TB Management

HIV/AIDS testing and training reduces the impact of the disease on an organisation and ensures risk is measured and managed. Our incentive programmes have produced high rates of testing for past clients. We provide the management of treatment for all employees whether covered/not covered by Medical Aid.


First Aid

We offer on-site and off-site First Aid Training Level 1-3. Our courses are approved and registered with the Department of Labour.

  The benefits and return on investment from our programmes stem from enhanced employee wellness, improvements in productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower health costs, a decline in death and disability benefits, less operational and human capital risk and greater staff morale and loyalty. Wellness programmes are also a CSR contributor so clients can become the preferred service provider. Most importantly our services lead to Happier, Healthier employees