At Workforce Healthcare, we understand that your employees have diverse needs, and we’re here to address them through our comprehensive Employee Wellness Programmes (EWPs). Our tailored programmes not only benefit your organisation but also support your valuable staff and thier dependents.

Our EWPs go beyond traditional wellness initiatives, providing holistic support to your employees in all aspects of their lives. By addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, we empower your team to function at their fullest potential.

By investing in your team’s mental health, you’re fostering a healthy, productive, and committed workforce.

Toll-free support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Our Care Centre is staffed with registered professionals who provide first line assistance, support and counselling to provide your employees with the emotional care and support they need. Legal, financial and health advice is offered to help employees manage their lives more effectively.

Face-to-face professional counselling

Your employee can see a professional counsellor at a time and place that is most suitable to them. Our national network of affiliates ensures a counsellor is available close to home or your place of work. Trauma support is also available.

Health and wellness education

Monthly newsletters are distributed keeping your employees up-to-date with guidance on trending health issues. An online service gives your employees access to a library of articles and they can request a call-back on any issue they are concerned about.

Health and wellness education

  • HIV/AIDS testing, management and support
  • Absenteeism management
  • Substance abuse testing and training
  • Training programmes
  • Wellness days
  • Wellness website
  • Wellness App
  • Peer Educator Workshops

Virtual face to face counselling.

In person or virtual, our counsellors provide support in the most convenient way possible, at a time and place convenient for your staff.

Onsite Trauma Debriefing

In the event of a workplace incident/accident/trauma, we would deploy the correct number of counsellors to assist in the trauma defusing and debriefing process. This is followed by a report within 5-7 working days thereafter.



Investing in the health of your employees will deliver tangible benefits to your company. Contact us today and see the results on your bottom line.